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About Kendo TT

The Trinidad & Tobago Kendo Federation was founded in 2007 as a non-profit organisation to foster and develop the practise and spirit of Kendo along traditional lines, with the objectives of:

• Organising and regulating the Kendo activities on a national basis;

• Promoting Kendo students to higher grades;

• Representing Trinidad & Tobago internationally.

• Encouraging the development of Kendo in Trinidad & Tobago

Specifically, the KFTT shall ensure:

1. To collect fees and seek donations and grants in order to fulfill its mandate.

2. To maintain a current register of members and affiliates.

3. To actively promote Kendo through development and promotional programs in order to contribute to the moral and physical wellbeing of all communities in T&T.

4. To advise and assist in the setting up of clubs and dojos and ensuring their proper registration.

5. To ensure that international standards as laid down by the International Kendo Federation for competition and grading are adhered to.

6. To organise seminars, workshops and demonstrations.

7. To assist in procuring equipment and literature.

8. To establish and develop relationship with Kendo Federations of other neighboring countries and regions.

9. To assist individuals when justified, to visit internationally for training and grading.

10. To organise and monitor national trials and competitions

11. Organise national and regional competitions under IKF rules.

12. To undertake any other project that will assist in achieving the purpose as stated.